You have made contact with the Elle Mesen Network…

The Elle Mesen Network is one of several businesses owned and operated by the Kintuse Femcult.

The Network provides legal brothels and escort agencies in Berlin & Hamburg with Kintuse working girls – known for their ultra feminine appearance and distinctive tattoos.

The Kintuse are ruled by their Mistress, Elle Mesen.

Proceed with extreme caution…

As Kintuse, we actively use our digital platforms to lure vulnerable sissies and transvestites to our BDSM dungeon in Berlin, ‘The Sissy Farm.’

Once there, we annihilate all traces of manhood from their consciousness and recondition them to join the Kintuse Femcult.

If you don’t want to be surgically feminized and inked with Kintuse tatoos and put to work as a shemale courtesan… you should leave this website now.

Consider yourself warned!

VISITORS PLEDGE: “I’ve read the warning and understand that if I click on any option below, I am exposing my sub-conscious to subliminal messages from the Kintuse Femcult.


2 Pathways to The Kintuse

1. Book a weekend session at The Sissy Farm.

If we think you’ve got what it takes, we will invite you to join.

2. Study Elle Mesen’s interactive training manual: True Feminization

If you can successfully complete the fundamentals of mental feminization… we will invite you to join.




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