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Latex sissy maids at work – 3 videos to instruct you

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Sissy! I don’t doubt that you would like to be a latex sissy maid!
What I do doubt, however, is that you have the necessary skills and are sufficiently submissive.

Watch these videos and practice all the techniques you see…then write to me and tell me if you think you’re ready to start your training.

Remember, the life and work of a latex sissy maid is significantly more arduous than a little satin maid. Not only does a latex maid experience significantly more anal drillings from her master and mistress (and their friends) but she must swallow far more sperm over the course of a working day.
To conclude: be sure this is the path you want, sissy…because ELLE MESEN RECRUITMENT isn’t paying for your therapy if you can’t handle it! Think long and hard!

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  • Kylie says: April 22, 2018 at 9:22 am

    Being a latex sissy maid suits me better considering it involves more cum swallowing and anal drilling.

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