Sissy maid training 2

Maid or Whore? How to assign the correct job to a sissy…

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Step 1

As soon as a sissy arrives at The Sissy Farm our priority is to establish whether the sissy is a squirmer or a preener. These are the categories that ensure the sissy is used in the most profitable way by our organisation.

Squirmers = maids, domestics, secretaries

Preeners = Escorts, brothel girls

The SLL Test.

The sissy is adminstered flunitrazepam. Disorientated – and with its defences down – sissy is uniformed and presented with a pretty girl wearing PVC leggings and/or thigh high boots. She takes him to her room.

The sissy is made to believe that sex is an option, but if it’s a squirmer, the sissy won’t be able to resist what it truly wants: to get on its knees and lick her boots and greedily slurp at the PVC.

At that point we know the sissy is a submissive who will make an excellent handmaiden.

However, to be fair, many guys like to lick boots… so we need to go a step further. That’s when the girl reaches into her bedside cabinet and takes out a used condom from that morning.

She pours out the creamy cum onto her latex boots… and when that sissy greedily eats it up we know we have a squirmer.


The goal of this test is to rapidly identify the best way to use a sissy: to whore her out or put her to work as a maid. Therefore, if the watchword is efficiency…you can help the process along by diagnosing yourself as a squirmer.

So, look at the following images of pretty girls and ask yourself what you would prefer…

1. To have a pretty girl lying beneath you – ready to be fucked in PVC.

2. To have a pretty girl in PVC towering above you as you grovel and slurp and lick the garment clean, being careful not to drool on your maid’s uniform?

Part 2 next week – How to identify a preener.

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  • Kylie says: September 15, 2018 at 8:08 am

    According to this criteria I’m a squirmer. Although I wouldn’t be against be assigned to escort or brothel work. Of course my own preferences hardly factor into decisions made by Mistress Elle considering I’m her chattel.

  • Lisa says: February 18, 2019 at 1:28 am

    Dearest Mistress Elle,
    I would have to clean up that gooey mess, probably because I am a preener and would like things to be neat and shiny.💋

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