Bimbofication 1

Bimbofication: one sissy’s true story…

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2007: My obssesion with saloon girls begins

2012: I discover Burlesque

When I was a bit older I discovered that the fashion of the saloon had a name: burlesque.
I watched Nicole Kidman in Moulin rouge…
How I loved the idea of having a boudoir where I would entertain male admirers.
How I wanted to lie on the bed in my luxurious gown and lingerie!

2015: I undergo complete bimbofication

2016: Start training to work in Berlin brothel “Wild-Wild-West.”

In 2017 I heard about a brothel in Berlin that had a wild west theme.
All the girls wore burlesque costumes and had their own boudoir. Some were cis-girls and some were she-male sissy sluts.
The proprietor, Mistress Elle, accepted my application. She told me that I’d have to suck six or seven gentlemen a night and I was worried I wouldn’t be able to swallow so much cum. But as you can see from this training video, she trains us to swallow big loads.

2017: Start working as a saloon girl (exclusive video from my boudoir)

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  • Richard says: October 6, 2017 at 11:07 am

    You lucky lucky gurl. I would LOVE to be a bimbofied, big boobed, dolled up, corsetted, wild west whore. Why only 6-7 loads per night? Maybe I’m just a greedy slut deep down but i would definetly be begging for more…

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